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Artist: The Beach Boys
Title: Pet Sounds
Format: CD
Label: Capitol Records
Cat No: 72435-26266-2-5
Released: 2001
Genres: SurfPsychedelic RockPop RockClassic Rock
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Added To List 5th April 2014
Disc 1 | CD
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L385 5531 724352626625 C40313-07 A  

Additional Information

Comments The Complete Album In Stereo & Mono

Original MONO program (tracks 1-13) repeats in STEREO on tracks 15-27 (remixed from the original three-track, four-track and eight-track master tapes).
Track 14 is mono, mixed from the original four-track master tape.

Tracks 15-27 Produced & Engineered at "Your Place or Mine" Recording Studios, Glendale CA, January-February 1996, and were originally released November 4, 1997 on [m=176805].
Track 14 Mixed at Capitol Mastering, Hollywood, CA, 1987.

Remastered at Oceanview Digital Mastering, Los Angeles, CA, 2000 using the HDCD process.

Billboard Ⓡ chart positions and debut dates courtesy of BPI Communications and Joel Whitburn’s Record Research Publications.

Text pp. 6-16 © 1990, 1996, 2000 David Leaf Productions, Inc.

Tracks 1 & 15: Instrumental track recorded Jan. 22, 1965 at Gold Star Recording Studios, Hollywood CA. Vocals recorded March-April 1966 at Columbia Studios, Hollywood, CA. Released as Capitol single 5706. Originally the “B” side of the [m=78235] single.
Tracks 2 & 16: Instrumental track recorded Nov. 1, 1965 at Western Recorders, Hollywood, CA. Instrumental introduction recorded Jan. 24, 1966 at Western Recorders. Vocals recorded January-February 1966 at Western Recorders.
Tracks 3 & 17: Basic Track recorded Feb 15, 1966 at Western Recorders, Hollywood, CA. Additional instrumentation and vocals recorded February or March 1966 at Western Recorders. The AFM contract for this date lists Brian, Carl, Dennis, Alan and Bruce as having played on this track. However, on the surviving session tape, only Brian, Carl and Dennis are clearly audible on the basic track, which includes just drums, organ, one guitar and tambourine. As Brian was on the studio floor, Bruce was in the control booth, helping Chuck Britz direct the session. The tambourine apparently was played by Alan Jardine or an uncredited Terry Melcher; Brian has named the latter on at least one occasion. Overdubbed at a later session: String Bass, Electric Bass, 12-String Electric Guitar, Percussion.
Tracks 4 & 18: Instrumental track and lead vocal recorded Feb. 11, 1966 at Western Recorders. String overdub recorded April 3, 1966 at Western Recorders. Overdub session: Violins, Viola, Cello.
Tracks 5 & 19: Instrumental track and string overdub recorded March 6, 1966 at Western Recorders. Vocals recorded March 1966 at Columbia Studios. Overdub session: Violins, Viola, String Bass.
Tracks 6 & 20: Instrumental recorded Jan. 18, 1966 at Western Recorders. String and flute overdubs recorded Jan. 19, 1966 at Western Recorders. Released Oct. 10, 1966 as the B-side of Capitol single 5676 ([m=78242]). Overdub session: Violins, Violas, Cello, Flutes.
Tracks 7 & 21: Instrumental track recorded July 12, 1965 at Western Recorders. Vocals recorded Dec. 22, 1965 at Western Recorders. New lead vocals and 12-strong electric guitar overdub recorded Dec. 29, 1965 at Western Recorders. High harmony lead and additional backing vocals recorded January 1966 at Western Recorders. Released March 21, 1966 as Capitol single 5602. Overdub session: 12-string electric guitar.
Tracks 8 & 22: Instrumental track recorded March 10, 1966 at Western Recorders. Vocals recorded March-April 1966 at Columbia Studios. Released July 18, 1966 as the B-side of Capitol single 5706 ([m=78442]).
Tracks 9 & 23: Instrumental track recorded Feb. 9, 1966 at Western Recorders. Vocals recorded February-March 1966 at Western Recorders. Originally titled “Hang On To Your Ego” (a version of which is Track 14). When the lyric of the chorus was changed, so was the title. Overdub session: guitar [Glen Campbell].
Tracks 10 & 24: Instrumental track recorded March 11, 1966 at Sunset Sound. Vocals recorded March 25, 1966 at Columbia Studios.
Tracks 11 & 25: Instrumental track recorded Feb. 14, 1966 at Gold Star Recording Studios. Vocals recorded March-April 1966 at Columbia Studios.
Tracks 12 & 26 Instrumental recorded Nov. 17, 1965 at Western Recorders. Originally called “Run James Run” (it was written with James Bond in mind).
Tracks 13 & 27 recorded Jan. 31, 1966 at Western Recorders. Released March 7, 1966 as Capitol single 5610, by Brian Wilson. Brian’s two dogs (Banana and Louie) can be heard on the canine coda. Overdub session: Drums (in vamp), Electric bass, Harpsichord, Tenor saxophone.
Track 14 recorded Feb. 9, 1966 at Western Recorders. Mixed at Capitol Records, December 1987. Originally released as a bonus track on the 1990 Pet Sounds CD.

Musician credits followed by “?” indicate speculative participation in session.

NOTE: The sessionography is a revised version of what appeared in The Pet Sounds Sessions box set. Since this session information was derived largely from musician’s union contracts, it is not possible to totally guarantee its accuracy (AFM session contracts are created simply to assure payment to union members). Some of the contracts for Pet Sounds included persons who didn’t play on a given session, such as engineer Chuck Britz, as well as musicians who weren’t at the session. Furthermore, while the contracts contain the session date, the hours booked and a song title, none needed to be precisely accurate, and in the case of the date, it was often changed to follow the union requirements regarding the prompt reporting of sessions.

Cover Photo: Capitol Photo Studio/San Diego Zoo
Liner Photos: Tokyo, Japan

℗© 2001 Capitol Records, Inc. Manufactured by Capitol Records, Inc., 1750 N. Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90028.
Printed in U.S.A.
Made in the U.S.A.
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