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Create your own records database / vinyl catalog app - simply enter the record details or grab the release information by searching or scanning a barcode from discogs.com extensive records, cd's and vinyl database.

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Why wait until you get home or dig through piles of vinyl to check what you already have? Search your collection and vinyl catalog in seconds within the record store.

Good Vibes!

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Choose your colors, capture your own pics or grab the images of the cover with our simple search and find the record to listen to with Spotify when you can't get to your turntable.

Smart Sharing

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Show off your list, collection stats, latest bargain, rare releases and more on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else using unique share links.

...and there is more

  • Various Views See your collection in new ways - virtual shelf shuffling
  • Multiple Formats It is not just vinyl, you can list CDs, Cassettes, DVD's & more
  • Support for Splits & Comps Add multiple artists and labels for records and maintain 'searchability'
  • Collection Stats & Counts Full counts for formats, artists, years & more
  • Import + Export/Backup Lists Import lists from elsewhere and backup your list to a spreadsheet
  • Friendly Help & Support We're always happy to help and love your feedback