What Does My Record List Do?

List, search and share your vinyl records, cd's, cassettes and more - See Examples Here!

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    Enter your email, choose a username and GO!
  • Type Less
    Simply enter the record details or grab the release information from discogs.com extensive database.
  • Looking Good!
    Upload your own or grab the images of the sleeve, discs and other inserts with our simple search.
  • Already a Record Nerd or have a Discogs List?
    No problem - you can import CSV lists (other lists on request).
  • Share Your Records
    Show off your list, latest bargain, rare releases and more on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else using unique share links.
  • Play Your Records With Spotify
    Most records have an embedded player from Spotify allowing you or your friends listen and discover the hidden gems.
  • Check Your List On The Go
    MyRecordList works well on most Smartphones and Tablets (and also has a pretty home screen icon) - check your collection while in the shop or on-the-go.

Not just a list...a collection!

  • Multiple Formats
    It is not just about vinyl, you can also list CDs, Cassettes, DVD's and more.
  • Support for Splits and Compilations
    Enter multiple artists and labels for a record and maintain filtering and 'searchability'.
  • Record Details
    Enter details about the condition, the sleeve and the number of discs with simple controls.
  • Disc Details
    Use the color pickers to select the disc color, enter the matrix details and optional description.
  • Limited Releases and Pressing Info
    Select if the record is a Test Press, Promo Copy or Reissue and include any details if it is limited or numbered.

...and if that is not enough, there is more!

  • Interactive Collection
    Searching and advanced filtering makes your collection easy to manage.
  • Multiple Views
    Display your collection in Grid mode, List Mode (with images) or Text List mode (without images).
  • Quick Searching
    Why wait until you get home or dig through piles of vinyl to check what you already have? Search by Artist, Title, Label and more in seconds.
  • Smart Sorting and Filtering
    Select an Artist, Label, Status, Format or a combination from the dropdowns to quickly filter your collection.
  • Detailed Overview
    Each record has its own page and overview including image gallery and direct links to other related releases you own.
  • #NowPlaying
    Click to share the records you are #NowPlaying on your social media profiles.
  • Colorful Overview
    Thumbnail images of the disc colors makes checking for colored discs easy.
  • Top of the Pops
    View and share your stats showing your top Artists, Releases, Labels, Years, Formats and Genres in your collection.