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Record Details

Artist: Various
Title: Punk O Rama Vol. 2
Format: CD
Label: Epitaph
Cat No: 86484-2
Released: 3 Dec 1996
Genres: Punk
Status Have
Added To List 18th April 2020
Disc 1 | CD
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A Matrix:
IFPI L792 148974-D4-7224-A *86484-2*  
B Matrix:
IFPI L793 148974-2CD7-9198-A *86484-2*  

Additional Information

Comments Track 1 from the 1996 album "Everything Sucks" ©Drum Ogre (BMI)/Dome O' Chrome (ASCAP)
Track 2 from the 1995 album "About Time" ©Westbeach Music (BMI)/Pound Foolish Music (BMI)
Track 3 from the 1996 album "Esteem Driven Engine" ©Westbeach Music (BMI)/X Member Music (BMI)
Track 4 from the 1996 7" "Billy" Joelsongs (BMI) ©1977
Track 5 from the 1997 album "Plastique Valentine" ©Westbeach Music (BMI)/Lovesore Music (BMI)
Track 6 from the 1994 album "Let's Go" ©Westbeach Music (BMI)/Rancid Music (BMI)
Track 7 from the 1995 Epitaph (USA)/Burning Heart Records (Europe) album "Life On A Plate" ©Chrysalis Music/Air Chrysalis Scandinavia (ASCAP)
Track 8 from the 1995 album "Firme" ©Westbeach Music (BMI)/JIAF (BMI)
Track 9 from the 1996 album "Static" ©Westbeach Music (BMI)/There It Is There Music (BMI)
Track 10 from the 1981 album "Dance With Me" Epitaph re-issue 1996 ©American Lesion Music (BMI)
Track 11 from the 1996 album "Heavy Petting Zoo" ©Westbeach Music (BMI)/NOFX Music (BMI)
Track 12 from the 1996 album "All Scratched Up" ©Emotion One (BMI)
Track 13 from the 1990 album "Feel The Darkness" Epitaph re-issue 1996 ©Copyright Control
Track 14 previously unreleased ©Westbeach Music (BMI)/Little Knucklehead Music (BMI)
Track 15 from the 1996 album "FYULABA" ©Dr. Zuess Music (ASCAP)
Track 16 from the 1988 album "Suffer" ©Westbeach Music (BMI)/Tamerlane Music (BMI)
Track 17 from the 1996 album "Scared Straight" ©Westbeach Music (BMI)/Quiente Blues Music (BMI)
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