Throbbing Gristle - D.o.A. The Third And Final Report



Disc 1 | 12"
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Record Details
Artist: Throbbing Gristle
Title: D.o.A. The Third And Final Report
Format: 12"
Label: Industrial Records
Cat No: IR0004
Released: 4 Dec 1978
Genres: Industrial
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Additional Information
Comments First pressing of 3000 copies.
1000 mail order copies including a card calendar with color photo of little girl, Kama Brandyk, on bed.

Later recut as the so-called "DJ Confusion" edition which can be found here: [r=8184175]

"A few words about this record: for various reasons we have decided to include a solo track by each of the four individual group members. We think you may find this illuminating. The recordings are in stereo throughout and on certain tracks you may find it preferable to listen on headphones, though it is by no means essential. Explanatory details about individual tracks are as follows:

Side One: "I.B.M. was inspired by a found cassette sent to us by Mark Eyles. "Hit by a Rock" was recorded at Highbury Roundhouse, London in September 1977. "Valley of the Shadow of Death" was recorded and arranged by Peter Christopherson. "Dead on Arrival" was recorded live at A.T.C., Goldsmiths College, London in May 1978. "Weeping" uses four types of acoustic violin through a space-echo played and arranged by Genesis P-Orridge, the lyrics are co-written by Genesis P-Orridge and Ewa Zajac.

Side Two: "Hamburger Lady" was inpired by a section of a letter from Dr. Al Ackerman of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. reproduced elsewhere on this sleeve. "Hometime" was played, recorded and arranged by Cosey Fanni Tutti. "Death Threats" was taken unaltered off our telephone answering machine. "Walls of Sound" was recorded live at five locations during the last year. "Blood on the Floor" was recorded live at Highbury Roundhouse, London in September 1977.

The remaining material was gathered on location or recorded at the studios of Industrial Records, to whom, as ever, our thanks are due.

We should also like to give special thanks to Kama Brandyk, Jerry Dreva, Monte Cazazza, Joyce Sinclair, Jon Savage, Sandy Robertson, Rough Trade, David Brooks, The Wilson Family, Fizzy Paet, Jonas A and Jean-Pierre Turmel."
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