Barnabas - Feel The Fire



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Record Details
Artist: Barnabas
Title: Feel The Fire
Format: Other
Label: Light Records
Cat No: LS 5860
Released: 1984
Genres: Prog Rock, Heavy Metal
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Additional Information
Comments Producer - Tom Tucker & Barnabas
Arrangements - Barnabas
Recording Studio - Triad Studios, Des Moines, IA July and August 1984
Additional Vocals Courtesy of - Susie Tucker and Marci Meyocks on "Breathless Wonderment"; Jack Dawson, Tom Tucker, Gary Mann, and Brian Belew on "Follow You Up"
Cover Art - Kernie Erickson
Art Director - Dan Lienart
Photography by Randy Taylor

The following equipment was used in the performance of this album:
Tama Imperialstar Drums
Zildjian Cymbals
Linn Drum Percussion Synthesizer
Synare Drum Synthesizer
Roland JC-120 Guitar Amplifier
DiMarzio Stratocaster Guitar
Sunn/Peavy Bass Amplification
RickenBacker 2001 Bass Buitar
Kawai SX-210 Synthesizer
Korg Poly-800 Synthesizer
Alphasyntari computer-based Digital Synthesizer
Yamaha Grand Piano

Studio Equipment
MCI JH528A 24 x 24 Mixing Console
Otari MTR-90-II 24 track recorder
Nakamichi DMP-100 Digital Mastering Processor
Lexicon 222-XL Digital Reverberator
Eventide H949 Harmonizer
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