Gilles Vigneault - Les Grands Succès De Gilles Vigneault


Disc 1 | 12"
A Matrix:
F-9000-IA F 90001-A WY ○  
B Matrix:
F-90001-B WY ○  
Disc 2 | 12"
A Matrix:
FS9002A-IA ○ C2-G  
B Matrix:
F 90002-B ○  
Record Details
Artist: Gilles Vigneault
Title: Les Grands Succès De Gilles Vigneault
Format: 12"
Label: Columbia
Cat No: GFS-90003
Released: 1971
Genres: Chanson
Status Details
Status Have
Additional Information
Comments Misspelled album title on spine: Les Grande Succès De Gilles Vigneault (Grande instead of Grands)

Side A: F-9000-IA => is scratched/canceled becoming F 90001-A WY ○
Side B: F-90001-B WY ○ => the 3rd 0 is scratched but re-written on top and becomes F-90001 again
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