Various - LAUNCH



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Record Details
Artist: Various
Format: CD
Label: LAUNCH Media
Cat No: 41
Released: 2000
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Condition Mint
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Additional Information
Comments This CD-ROM contains a video magazine. QuickTime 4.0+ is required for playback. QuickTime 4.1 is included. The tracks are located by clicking different places (identified here by Index Tracks) on the display.

Tracks Video1, Video4, Video6, Video7, Video8 and Video9 are live studio performances that were created for this release.
Track Video2 is from a live concert performance in New York.
Track Video3 is from a live concert performance in Detroit, Michigan.
Track Video5 is from a live concert performance in Austin, Texas.
Track Video10 is a clip from a music video, about 1 minute in length.

The Audio Tracks are short samples, approximately 25-30 seconds in length for each title.

Other features include album reviews, artist biographies and discographies, movie previews and interactive games/playable demos.
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