The B-52's - The B-52's



Disc 1 | 12"
A Matrix:
ILPS 9580 A-4U [stamped] AHJUS-LUV... CA SOUND CLINIC JONZ [etched]  
B Matrix:
ILPS 9580 B-3U [stamped] RP SOUND CLINIC JONZ ...THE B52'S [etched]  
Record Details
Artist: The B-52's
Title: The B-52's
Format: 12"
Label: Island Records / Island Records
Cat No: ILPS 9580 / ILPS 9580*
Released: 20 Jul 1979
Genres: Alternative Rock, New Wave, Post-Punk
Status Details
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Additional Information
Comments Laminated cover

Recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas.
Mastered at the Sound Clinic.

Track A1,A2,A4,B1 and B3 copyright © 1978 Boo-fant Tunes, Inc.
Track A3,B2 and B4 copyright © 1979 Boo-fant Tunes, Inc.

Unknown number of first copies of [r=6206694] came with free 7" "Rock Lobster" single.

Comes with a color cardboard inner sleeve with lyrics, pictures and credits.

Copies sold in Germany had a plain sticker with German catalog number.
According to guideline 1.4.3: "items that have otherwise been marked or altered after manufacture" do not constitute a "unique release" if otherwise identical
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