The Damned - The Chiswick Singles ...And Another Thing



Disc 1 | 12"
Red & White Splatter 
Disc 2 | 12"
Red & White Splatter 
Record Details
Artist: The Damned
Title: The Chiswick Singles ...And Another Thing
Format: 2x12"
Label: Let Them Eat Vinyl
Cat No: LETV180
Released: 2014
Genres: Punk
Pressed: 1000 pressed on coloured vinyl.
Status Details
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Additional Information
For Sale At 20.00
Comments Deluxe vinyl version.
First 1000 pressed in colored vinyl. Colors may vary

A1 to A3 originally released on [r=3068444] on 27 April, 1979.
A4, A5 originally released on [r=432307] on 5 October, 1979.
A6 to B2 originally released on [r=640147] on 23 November, 1979.
B3 to B5 originally released on [r=1826795].
B6 to C2 originally released on [r=913697] on 22 September, 1980.
C3 to C5 originally released on [r=1496087] on 24 November, 1980.
D1 originally released on [r1182860] as "Lookin' For Another" by [a1004386]; later included on [r=2062669] on 1 October, 1982.
D2 originally released on [r=2001664] ([l33212] reissue) on 2 December, 1983.
D3 originally released on [r=2149858] 19 May, 1988.
D4 to D7 originally released on [r=681777] on 13 November, 1981.

A1 recorded at Utopia, March 1979; vocal re-recorded and guitar intro added at Chalk Farm Studio, April 1979; mixed at Wessex, April, 1979.
A2 and A3 recorded and mixed at Utopia, March 1979.
A4 recorded August 1979 at Wessex; mixed September 1979.
A5 recorded Sound Suite, May and July, 1979; mixed Wessex, August 1979.
A6 recorded RMS Recording Studio, June 1979; overdubbed at Wessex, August 1979; mixed at Wessex, September 1979.
B1 recorded Workhouse, May 1979; mixed Wessex, November 1979.
B2 recorded RMS Recording Studio, May 1979; mixed Wessex, November 1979
B3 recorded at Wessex Studios, April 1980; mixed at Maison Rouge, May 1980.
B4 and B5 recorded at Wessex, February 1980.
B4 mixed at Wessex, March 1980.
B6 recorded At Rockfield, May 1980; sound FX recorded at Nova Suite, August 1980; mixed at Nova Suite, August 1980
C1 and C2 recorded at RMS.
C3 and C4 recorded May/June 1980 at Rockfield Studios.
C5 recorded at Rock City Studios, Shepperton, on 26 July, 1980.
C3 and C5 mixed October 1980 At Matrix Studio
D2 and D3 recorded May 1979 at Workhouse Studio.
D4 to D7 recorded October 1981 at Rockfield Studio.
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