The Beatles - Introducing... The Beatles



Disc 1 | 12"
VEE-JAY RECORDS on black field with rainbow ringed. Long Playing, Microgroove 
A Matrix:
63-3402-1 URT A1 2-6-64 (looks like)MMM  
B Matrix:
63-3403-1 UR A1 ARP(initials) (looks like)MMM  
Record Details
Artist: The Beatles
Title: Introducing... The Beatles
Format: 12"
Label: Vee Jay Records
Cat No: LP 1062
Released: 10 Jan 1964
Manufacturer: VEE-JAY RECORDS
Genres: Rock & Roll
Status Details
Condition Poor
Status Have
Additional Information
Comments Plain white inner sleeve.
Cover top right has white blemish.

There are several pressing variations of this album (genuine and counterfeit), all with the same catalog number (VJLP 1062).

This particular edition has the same typesetting as second label variation [color band], having left justified song titles and credits, including the “Coffin-King” typo, with “INTRODUCING THE BEATLES” and “LONGPLAYING” and SIDE I / SIDE II above MICROGROOVE on the labels [see photos]. The machine stamped Audio Matrix logo appears. This thick vinyl pressing was manufactured by Southern Plastics. The label is apparently the same as on the [r4540386] release.

The record’s trail off areas include the following hand etched markings: “URJ”, “AL”, and the dates 1-23-64 on Side A and 2-6-64 on Side B. The matrix is followed by “-1″ on Side B only. This is distinguished from [r4540386], which shows the date "2-6-64" and "-1" on both sides.

Sleeve has "Please, Please Me" well aligned with a space after the comma. This is distinguished from [r4540386], which at the time of this writing indicates either having a Version I cover with 'Love Me Do' and 'P.S. I Love You' (according to the description) or having 'Please,Please Me' misaligned and with no space after the comma (according to the images).
(My album has all three)
1st Catalog # from Front Cover
2nd Catalog # from Back Cover
3rd Catalog # from Labels

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