Various - LAUNCH



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LAUNCH MEDIA, INC. SANTA MONICA CA 18002LAUNCH 40 T01110050 G9 000428  
Record Details
Artist: Various
Format: CD
Label: LAUNCH Media
Cat No: 40
Released: 2000
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Condition Mint
Status Have
Additional Information
Comments This CD-ROM contains a video magazine. QuickTime 4.0+ is required for playback. QuickTime 4.1 is included. The tracks are located by clicking different places (identified here by Index Tracks) on the display.

Track CD1 is a full length audio track of the same performance as Track Video1. It is the only track on this release that can be played in a CD player.

Track Video1 is a live performance lensed at Zaca Creek in Santa Barbara, California.
Track Video2 and Video8 are from live concert performances in Austin, Texas.
Track Video3 is a live studio performance created for this release on location in Austin, Texas.
Tracks Video4, Video6 and Video7 are live studio performances created for this release.
Track Video5 is a live studio performance of Ian Anderson created for this release. The backing music is not performed live.
Track Video9 is a sample of a live performance, approximately 90 seconds in length.

The Audio Tracks are short samples, approximately 25-30 seconds in length for each title.

Other features include album reviews, artist biographies and discographies, movie previews and interactive games/playable demos.
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