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Record Details
Artist: The Cult
Title: Rare Cult
Format: 7xCD
Label: Beggars Banquet
Cat No: RCBOX 1 CD
Released: 21 Nov 2000
Genres: Alternative Rock, Acoustic, Hard Rock, Goth Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Pressed: 5000 (With 7th 'mixes' disc
Status Details
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Additional Information
For Sale At 150.00
Comments A seven cd limited edition box set containing the full, unreleased Peace album, outtakes, demos and rare mixes. A total of 48 never before heard songs were included in this 90 song box set. The box also includes an 80-page booklet that details the sessions and gives background to the recordings and includes rare photos.

[url=http://www.discogs.com/release/567032]Best Of Rare Cult[/url], a non-limited single disc was released that includes 10 tracks from this box set plus 5 tracks that are not included in Rare Cult.

The track "Messin' Up The Blues" on this release has a longer time duration than that on the original "Fire Woman" single. The duration on this release is 5:45 (the original release is 5:18), however, it is important to note that the last 28 seconds is dead air. There is no difference between the two releases.
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