Face To Face - Shoot The Moon: The Essential Collection



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Record Details
Artist: Face To Face
Title: Shoot The Moon: The Essential Collection
Format: CD
Label: Vagrant Records
Cat No: ANT2941
Released: 15 Nov 2005
Genres: Punk
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Additional Information
Comments Greatest Hits album spanning their entire career, with omissions from their Ignorance Is Bliss and Standards & Practices albums.

Tracks 1-4 from "Don't Turn Away" (1992)
Track 5 from "Over It" (1994)
Tracks 6-9 from "Big Choice" (1994)
Tracks 10-13 from "Face To Face" (1996)
Tracks 14,15 from "Live" (1998)
Tracks 16,17 from "Reactionary" (2000)
Tracks 18,19 from "How To Ruin Everything" (2002)
Tracks 20,21 previously unreleased
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